Porcelain Irish Scented Candle - Pink Pepper & Rose

■This Irish candle is made using 100% biodegradable and pure natural waxes from a biodegradable renewable resource. The candle combines top notes of Pink Pepper, leading to a heart of Rose and Geranium florals and a base of warm, sweet Amber creating an uplifting ambiance in your home.
■The candle is contained in a reusable jar crafted of fine and durable porcelain, ensuring it withstands the test of time. The vessel is beautifully decorated with a 22ct gold sun-gazing flower and elegant stripes, sparkling translucency in candlelight. 
■The jar has a 3.14” diameter and can be reused or displayed as a decorative piece. The unbleached cotton intertwined with linen thread and high-quality ingredients extends the candle’s scent to 30 hours.
■Attentively made in a workshop in Galway, Ireland, the candle is packaged in an elegant presentation box, ready to be given as a thoughtful gift for a loved one on various occasions. The candle would truly be a treat for you to create an aromatic heaven at home.

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Begin your journey into aromatherapy with our Porcelain Irish Scented Candle - Pink Pepper & Rose. Our candle is an eco-friendly option, made of 100% pure natural vegan waxes from biodegradable renewable resources. The candle features rich notes of pink pepper leading to a heart of rose and geranium florals that will fill your home with fresh and revitalizing fragrances. These fragrances are carefully blended with essential oils to create a captivating and long-lasting aroma. The candle is stored in a luxuriant porcelain vessel exquisitely decorated with a 22ct gold sun-gazing flower and elegant stripes. The jar measures 3,14 inches in diameter and can be reused as you like. The wicks are made from unbleached cotton with linen threads, ensuring a safe burn time of 30 hours. Made in Galway, Ireland, this scented candle is beautifully packaged and would make an authentic gift perfect for any occasion.