Polished Brass Scottish Thistle Wall Hanging

■Made of durable mild steel with a 0.06’’ thickness, this wall decoration will last many years - it is highly durable and lightweight. It features a polished brass finish for added luster, sheen, and resistance

■The wall hang is round-shaped and is beautifully decorated with a Thistle, a flower with cultural significance. The Thistle is one of the most important Scottish symbols - it tells the story of Scottish bravery

■This wall decorative piece measures approximately 12’’ in diameter, making it the ideal dimension for any wall - whether you want to place it above your bed, couch, or in any other place, it won't go unnoticed.

■It comes in a beautiful presentation box. For the best results, dust this mild steel hang from time to time. Avoid abrasive household cleaners or clothes. Simply use a soft cloth.

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Bring a sense of wild nature closer to you with our Exclusively Irish Thistle round-shaped wall hang - Polished brass. Made of durable mild steel, with a lustrous polished brass finish, this wall ornamental piece will adorn any wall in your home, whether it's above your bed or couch, or in any other place. To maintain it at its finest quality, please dust it regularly. This piece is not a simple wall decoration, but a true cultural icon - it tells the story of Scottish bravery. The thistle was used to warn Clansmen of invaders for centuries before it was used as a royal symbol of Scotland. According to legend, a sleeping party of Scottish warriors was saved from an ambush by an invading Norse army when one of the attackers walked barefoot on a thistle. His cries raised the alarm, and the brave Scots defeated the invaders, making the thistle the official flower of Scotland. This wall hang will make a heartwarming gift idea for any special occasion.