Oversized Aran Cable Vest

■ Made with Luxurious 100% Merino Wool – this elegant vest is knit using High Quality Merino Wool that guarantees a warm and long-lasting wear
■ Classic Aran Stitches Design – our vest incorporates traditional stitches such as the cable texture which is one of the most prolific designs of Irish knitwear
■ Trendy V-Neck design – this knitwear garment features the versatile V-neck design that allows various layering styles

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Our chic Oversized Aran Cable Vest is a layering essential that should not miss from your collection this season. This vest is knit with Softest 100% Merino Wool which is a natural material that has amazing heat retention and moisture wicking properties. Merino Wool has hypoallergenic features making it a comfortable choice even worn all day as you won’t encounter itchiness or skin redness. Our exquisite wool knit vest features classic Aran textures fused with modern trends. The Cable pattern presented on the vest is the most prevalent stitching design and it resembles the ropes used by the fearless Irish fishermen who were sailing on the Atlantic. The ropes symbolize strength and good luck as the fishermen had to remain sturdy so they could safely return home. Our knitwear has a versatile V-Neck that permits unlimited possibilities of styling. The oversize design is extremely comfortable as it allows flexibility, stretch and movement. Our Irish vest comes in two versatile colors, Natural and Parsnip, and a wide spectrum of sizes, from XS to XXL, in order to provide a perfect fit for every customer. For the best results, please follow our care recommendations: hand wash at low temperatures and dry on a flat surface. Promote your Irish values and history with this radiant Oversized Aran Cable Vest.