Mens Merino Aran Sweater

■ 100% Merino Wool
Pure Merino wool is the perfect thing to wear out in the fall and winter cold, as it provides excellent insulation, moisture-wicking ability that keeps you comfortably dry, and plush softness without any itchiness.
■ Crew Neck Collar
Giving this sweater fresh, versatile style is a crew neck collar whose rounded shape will look great on anyone. The collar’s sporty feel also complements the elegance of the sweater’s Aran stitching.
■ Aran Stitching
Lovely Aran stitching that pays homage to the Aran Islands off the western coast of the Emerald Isle dress this sweater up with traditional Irish style and culture. The Aran stitches also carry special meaning; the honeycomb symbolizes hard work and the cable represents hopes for success.
■ Precious Care
Merino wool is strong and resilient but requires gentle care to ensure that you get the most out of this sweater. For best results, hand washing or dry cleaning is recommended.
■ Color Variety
Making this charming sweater even more versatile and timeless are its available color choices of Army Green, Natural, and Charcoal. The Army Green is great for rugged looks, the Natural is perfect for softer, low key looks, and the Charcoal is wonderful for pairing with a variety of colors.

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Stay warm out in brutal fall and winter weather with handsome style with this Mens Merino Aran Sweater. This sweater is made from 100% Merino wool, a premium quality type of wool known for its ability to provide plush softness, insulating warmth, and moisture-wicking breathability and comfort.

Full of traditional Irish style, this sweater shows off majestic Aran stitching that comes from the Aran Islands off the western coast of Ireland.

Beautiful stitches such as the honeycomb and cable come together to create a beautiful tapestry of texture and depth.

Finishing off this sweater with a clean, sporty touch is a classic crew neck collar, making it great for everyday wear.