Medium Cead Mile Failte Georgian Door Knocker -Satin Nickel

■Our door knocker is a perfect gift for someone moving into a new home, especially if they have Irish roots or appreciate Irish heritage. It's a beautiful and meaningful way to reflect the Irish hospitality that is famous worldwide.

■Made from high-quality brass, which guarantees its resistance to different weather conditions and its durability over time. Additionally, its satin nickel finish adds an elegant touch to the piece, making it a beautiful addition to your home. ■The door knocker features the traditional Irish phrase "Cead mile failte," which means "a hundred thousand welcomes." This phrase reflects the warm and hospitable nature of the Irish people. Additionally, a Claddagh is featured on the design, which is a traditional Irish symbol that represents love, loyalty, and friendship.

■With dimensions of 3.75” W x 7.5” H and included mounting bolts, our door knocker is quick and easy to install on most doors. Its compact size adds a touch of Irish charm without overwhelming the door.

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Cherish your heritage with our Exclusively Irish Cead Mile Failte Claddagh Door Knocker - Satin Nickel! This piece can be the perfect gift from Ireland, especially for those loved ones who just moved into a new home. Made with meticulous care, from high quality brass, with a satin nickel finish, this piece will surely surpass the test of time. In order to properly take care of it, please clean with a soft and damp cloth. Avoid using anything too abrasive, as it might deteriorate the surface of the door knocker.

Our design is truly Irish. "Cead Mile Failte" is a Gaelic phrase that translates to "One Hundred Thousand Welcomes" in English. As a symbol, it represents the warm and hospitable nature of the Irish people and conveys a message of welcome and hospitality to all who visit Ireland. The phrase "Cead Mile Failte" reflects the traditional Irish belief in the importance of hospitality and the openness of the Irish people to visitors and guests. It is often used as a greeting to visitors to Ireland and is seen as a symbol of the country's rich cultural heritage.

Welcome your guests in style, with a dose of Irish spirit!