Leather Irish Sheep Coin Purse

■This Irish coin purse is meticulously crafted of 100% genuine leather, a durable and moisture-resistant material ensuring it will last for years to come. Leather is easy to clean and maintain so you can take this purse wherever you go. 
■The hand-painted design features a woolly sheep, a sweet reminder of the sheep from Ireland’s meadows. The playful sheep is surrounded by Celtic spirals while eating a little green shamrock. The design depicts the charm of the Irish countryside and its profound connection with nature. 
■The coin purse measures 4.33 inches, great for fitting all of your coins. The inside compartment makes it easy to store the coins, while the zippered closure ensures to keep your cash safe.
■Our Irish coin purse is a thoughtful and versatile gift for a loved one in your life on various occasions. This practical accessory carries the richness of Irish heritage and would add a playful touch to your everyday activities like going shopping or running errands.

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If you are looking for a functional, yet stylish way to store and organize your cash, choose our Leather Irish Sheep Coin Purse. It is made of 100% genuine leather, a material that is appreciated for its moisture resistance, durability, and vintage look. The intricate carving in the leather showcases the great skill of the Irish when it comes to qualitative accessories. The lovely design features a hand-painted Irish sheep eating a tiny green shamrock and is surrounded by Celtic spirals. The adorable animal resembles Ireland’s black-faced mountain sheep and symbolizes the charm of the Irish countryside and its profound connection with nature.
The Celtic spirals represent the interconnectedness of all things in the universe, while the shamrock is a symbol of the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity adding a sense of spirituality to this accessory. This functional Irish purse measures 4.33” and has an inside compartment that is exactly what you need to organize your coins. The zippered closure will keep your cash safe. Our coin purse is a celebration of Irish craftsmanship and would make a perfect gift for organized people or lovers of all things Irish.