Ladies Zipper Neck Sweater

■ Made of High Quality 100% Merino Wool – this chic sweater is knit using soft Merino Wool that provides a comfortable and long-lasting wear

■ Classic and everlasting Aran Stitches Design – our sweater features traditional stitch patterns such as cable, moss, and rib knitting

■ Versatile High Collar with zipping – the neck zip design offers flexibility as you can adjust the collar

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Refresh your wardrobe with this timeless Ladies Zipper Neck Sweater. Our knit sweater is made of the softest 100% Merino Wool that promises not only an eye-catching fit but also comfort and protection. Merino Wool has amazing properties such as being moisture-wicking, highly breathable, and hypoallergenic, meaning you won’t get itchiness or other discomforts even if you wear it all day.

 This stunning Irish sweater combines in an innovative manner the traditional Aran knitting patterns with modern designs. Our piece of clothing contains classic stitches such as various cable and rib patterns on the bottom and moss designs on the sides. The cable stitches are associated with the ropes used by the Irish fishermen and represent strength and the wish for safety. The rib stitch is one of the most recognizable patterns and adds sparkles of opulence due to its complexity. As for the moss stitch, it was inspired by the lively Irish moss that clings to the stones. This sweater features an adjustable high collar with a dark zip that confers versatility as it provides countless possibilities of styling. Our exquisite sweater comes in two luxurious colors, Parsnip and Wine, and various sizes, from XS to XXL, in order to help every customer find their perfect fit. For the best results, please follow our care recommendations: hand wash at low temperatures and dry on a flat surface. Show off your Celtic heritage to the world with our Ladies Zipper Neck Sweater.