Ladies Classic Fit Long Cardigan with Hood

■ Our Ladies Classic Fit Long Cardigan with Hood is knit from 100% super soft merino wool that is pre-washed to ensure its luxurious feel and heavy durability. After knitting, the cardigan is washed, pressed, and folded to help prevent shrinkage in the wash and lock in the natural softness of the wool.
■ Our cardigan is thigh-length with a large hood and deep front pockets, making it a practical yet stylish layer for colder days. Our casual no-button style makes the sweater highly versatile, so you can toss it on whenever the temperature drops.
■ Available in sizes XS-XXL, the cardigan comes in navy and grey, classic colors that can be paired with just about anything in your existing wardrobe.
■ The sweater is knit with classic repeating Aran patterns, including the cable knit and the tree of life, which symbolize the ropes of Aran fishermen as well as the cycle of life. Plus, the solid coloring of the sweater really allows these patterns to pop.
■ The knit pattern is repeated on the front, back, and sleeves of our ladies cardigan, so no matter which way you’re facing, you’re sure to stand out.


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Our thigh-length ladies cardigan from SAOL updates the classic Aran sweater look in a modern style and traditional fit.
The cardigan is made from 100% natural merino wool with one of the highest microfiber counts on the market, making it super soft and luxuriously warm.
The sweater is washed, dried, and pressed after knitting to ensure durability and lock in the natural soft texture of the wool.
The cardigan features an oversized hood and front pockets and is knit with classic Aran patterns including the cable and tree of life, symbolizing elements of the rugged islands where these gorgeous knit patterns developed.
Available in sizes XS-XXL in Navy or Grey, our sweater is a perfect addition to any cold-weather wardrobe.