Knitted Double Cable Throw

■ Our Charming Bed Runner encapsulates Irish heritage in an authentic manner, being a homage paid to the traditional Irish craft of knitwear, transposed into modern interior design
■ Authentic Design depicting Irish motifs - the cable stitch pattern symbolizes good fortune and ward off bad luck, being the most popular Irish pattern
■ Made in Ireland, of an acrylic and wool blend, very warm, but perfectly breathable, with a luxurious feeling to the touch
■ Measurements: 60”/152cm L x 40”/101cm W

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Make your home the perfect cozy space to relax in after a long day with our Knitted Double Cable Throw.

Our throw is a premium quality piece that was made in Ireland. The material used is a fine acrylic and wool blend that is very soft to the touch, with a luxurious feeling on the skin. The throw is equally warm and breathable for the ultimate comfort. Due to its high quality material and manufacturing, our throw guarantees to surpass the test of time so you can cherish it for many years to come. For proper care, we recommend gently hand washing it in lukewarm water and only drying it flat. The throw measures 60 inches or 152 cm in length and 40 inches or 101 cm in width.

The design is an homage paid to the traditional Irish craftsmanship of knitwear, with origins in the 19th century, on the Aran Islands, where the mothers and wives of the fishermen started knitting sweaters meant to protect them from the unforgiving temperatures of the ocean. Our throw transposes an old Irish tradition into modern interior design. The Irish motif consists of the stitch patterns used in knitting this piece. The cable pattern is,by far, the most popular one, symbolizing good fortune and ward off bad luke and resembling the nets and ropes of the fishermen. Place our throw on a bed, sofa or armchair and bring a piece of Ireland into your space.