June Birthstone Irish Lucky Penny Necklace

■Crafted with durability and elegance in mind, this pendant boasts a meticulously 100% gold-plated Irish penny-shaped design with an immaculate shine.The gold plating ensures rust and tarnish resistance, as well as a luxurious addition to your collection. 
■The intricately detailed pendant features the word Eire and a classic Irish harp design, symbolizing national identity, unity, and a profound connection to Ireland's rich musical and artistic heritage. 
■Our pendant celebrates June birthdays with a lustrous 0.11'' synthetic pearl taking center stage. The pearl, a symbol of purity and elegance, transforms the piece into a meaningful and personalized gift for those born in the month of June. 
■This pendant is perfectly sized, with a 7/8" diameter, and is gracefully complemented by an 18'' chain, creating a complete and stylish accessory for any occasion. This necklace makes a wonderful present for your dear ones! 

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Immerse yourself in the enchanting fusion of Irish tradition and enduring sophistication with our Irish Lucky Penny Necklace- Crafted from resilient materials, this pendant showcases an exquisitely 100% gold-plated Irish penny-shaped design, boasting the rust and tarnish resistance of gold.
The intricately detailed pendant unveils a classic Irish harp motif, symbolizing national identity, unity, and a deep connection to Ireland's musical and artistic heritage. The Eire engraving on the pendant serves as a powerful symbol of Irish identity, embodying the resilience, unity, and cultural pride of the nation through its intricate and meaningful patterns. The pendant's centerpiece is adorned with a 0.11' 'synthetic pearl, elegantly representing the June birthstone, a timeless symbol of purity and elegance.With a diameter of 7/8", the pendant emanates sophistication. Coupled with an 18'' chain our pendant is the complete and stylish accessory suitable for any occasion!
This pendant not only exudes historical charm and elegance but also embodies the essence of Ireland's rich heritage, making it the perfect gift to celebrate and honor someone's Irish roots with a timeless piece of culture and history.