Irish Sheep Reversible Pillow

■Irish sheep reversible pillow made with the utmost attention to detail from 100% polyester, a durable material that is appreciated for its flexibility. This pillow is sure to maintain its appearance for a long time to come.
■The reversible design showcases a lovely Ewe, the female sheep, while the other side displays its male partner, the ram. The sheep are symbols of the rich Irish knitting traditions.
■Measures 18 inches square, ideally sized to complement your bed, armchair, or sofa. This comfy pillow makes a great home decor addition.
■Authentically crafted, our Irish pillow makes a perfect present for lovers of the Emerald Isle, as well as a unique display of Irish national pride.



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If you wish to connect to Irish roots, or spice up your home decor with a culturally inspired piece, choose our Irish Sheep Reversible Pillow! It is attentively crafted from 100% polyester ensuring a durable and resilient piece. What sets it apart is the reversible design that allows you to display both sides of the designs with ease. The ewe, female sheep, is beautifully presented with a flower behind her ear, infusing your home with natural accents. On the other side of the pillow, the Ram is proudly showcased. This lovely pair of sheep stands as a representation of the centuries-old Irish traditions, as these wooly animals are very important to the knitting industry in the Emerald Isle. Our pillow measures 18 inches square, perfectly sized to add comfort to your sofa or bed. With a unique design and high-quality materials, our Irish sheep pillow will make a statement in your home and allow you to display your love for these cute animals and Irish heritage alike! Get this pillow for your loved ones or shop more to show the pair of sheep at the same time!