Irish Shamrock Teabag Holder

■Irish tea bag holder, shaped like a teapot 
■Shamrock Celtic Design inspired by 9th century ancient Celtic manuscripts 
■15 cm or 5.9 inches in width

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Adorn your kitchen collection with this charming Irish Shamrock Teabag Holder! This piece is an ideal gift to yourself, a family member or friend, especially for moving into a new home. It is a high quality product, adorned with Irish spirit.

The tea bag holder is crafted from 100% bone china, a premium type of porcelain. It is sturdy and guarantees long-lasting durability. Even if the product is chip-resistant, it still requires careful handling. It measures 15 cm or 5.9 inches in width.

This exquisite piece comes with a design inspired by 9th century ancient Celtic manuscripts, which were painted by monks on vellum or calf skin. This part of the Celtic history has transcended time and now can be added to your collection. The design also features Celtic knots, symbols for the Celtic philosophy of life, often thought to represent the elements of nature: fire, earth and water. The Celts based their life around the idea of connection between humans and nature, which is what most of their symbols mark. Our tea bag holder comes in a vivid color palette that combines green, gold, blue and red accents. It will surely become a centerpiece of any tea party and steal the guests’ attention!