Irish Shamrock Ceramic Spoon Rest

■Irish spoon rest crafted with attention to detail from 100% ceramic, a material with a lustrous appearance that is sure to elevate your kitchen accessory collection and last for a long time to come.
■Designed with a traditional Irish shamrock, a wonderful representation of faith, love, and hope. The three-leaf clover symbolizes the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity, while the Celtic knotwork that surrounds it alludes to the Celts’ belief that all things in the universe are interconnected. 
■Sized at 8.66 inches in length, our spoon rest is perfectly made to fit your spoons and cooking utensils. It will keep your countertops and tables clean from any spills and elevate your cooking experience.
■The ideal combination between functionality and cultural charm, our Irish spoon rest is just what you need to make a perfect present for family and friends that love to cook.



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If you love to express yourself through cooking and celebrate Irish heritage all at the same time, choose our Irish Shamrock Ceramic Spoon Rest. It is crafted from 100% ceramic, a lustrous material that will last for a long time to come. The spoon rest measures 8.66” in length and ensures to fit all of your wooden spoons and other kitchen utensils as well as keep your countertops clean from any wanted spills. Additionally, the spoon rest features a hole at the top so you can hang it near your stove for easily grabbing it. The Irish design of our spoon rest features an iconic shamrock, a three-leaf clover that represents love, faith, and hope, as well as the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity. The Celtic knotwork that adorns the spoon rest is reminiscent of the Celts’ belief that all things in the universe are interconnected. Whether you wish to cook some authentic Irish foods, or simply make a thoughtful present for those you hold dear, our Shamrock spoon rest is just what you need!