Irish Luck March Birthstone Coin Necklace

■Showcasing durability and charm, this Irish pendant features a meticulously 100% gold-plated Irish penny-shaped design that reflects the resilient rust and tarnish resistant properties of gold. 
■The intricately detailed pendant showcases a classic Irish harp design, a symbol deeply rooted in Irish culture, embodying national identity, unity, and a connection to the rich musical traditions of Ireland. 
■Embracing the essence of March birthdays, the pendant highlights a captivating 0.11'' synthetic aquamarine gem as the focal point. Known for its soothing blue hue, aquamarine symbolizes clarity and tranquility, making this piece a meaningful and personalized gift for those born in March. 
■Elegantly sized at 7/8" diameter, the pendant is a dainty piece that adds elegance to your attire. It is gracefully complemented by an 18 inches long chain, creating a complete and stylish accessory for any occasion. 

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Immerse yourself in the enchanting fusion of Irish tradition and timeless elegance with our Irish Luck March Birthstone Penny Pendant. This meticulously crafted piece exudes sophistication, featuring a durable and charming 100% gold-plated Irish penny-shaped pendant that showcases the enduring, rust resistant allure of gold. The intricacies of the design reveal a symbolic Irish harp, a representation of national identity and cultural richness deeply ingrained in Irish heritage. Music is important in Irish identity, serving as a powerful means of cultural expression and storytelling, fostering a sense of unity and pride among the Irish people. The word "Éire" on the pendant holds special meaning as it is the Irish term for Ireland, offering a simple yet powerful connection to Irish heritage and identity.
For added individuality Adding an extra layer of individuality, the pendant incorporates a delicate 0.11'' synthetic Birthstone Crystal, tailored to represent each month. At the heart of our pendant, a captivating aquamarine gem takes center stage, chosen with care as the birthstone for March. The serene blue hue of the aquamarine symbolizes clarity and tranquility, making this pendant a perfect and personalized gift for those born in this early spring month..
With a diameter of 7/8", the pendant exudes sophistication and charm, elegantly paired with an 18'' chain to create a complete and stylish accessory suitable for any occasion.