Irish Loose Leaf Breakfast Tea Set of 2

■LOOSE LEAF TEA: This loose leaf tea is a breakfast tea blend of high-grown teas from Assam and Darjeeling in India and is an invigorating mixture. Like all traditional Irish breakfast teas, this full-bodied tea perfectly compliments the hearty Irish breakfast of fried meats, eggs, and beans. Drink black or with a little milk and sugar as is customary in Ireland.
■REUSABLE TIN: This keepsake tin can be cleaned and reused as a storage tin or caddy for future loose leaf tea or anything else. Made of recyclable metal, it is highly durable and lightweight. Measures approximately 2 in square by 3.5 in in height.
■CELTIC DESIGN: The beautiful Ireland design from Royal Tara incorporates traditional Celtic flourishes like intricate Celtic knots, triple spiral designs, geometric diamonds, and even a shamrock. The illuminated Ireland lettering in the center evokes the manuscript scribal script used by monks to transcribe the gospels in medieval Ireland
■ROYAL TARA GIFTWARE: Royal Tara is renowned for their functional and durable products, having been in business for over 50 years. Based in County Galway, Ireland, Royal Tara is one of Ireland’s leading gift companies and devotes itself to functionality and traditional design

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