Irish Diffuser Refill - Mountain Sage & Sea Salt

■Our Irish eco-friendly diffuser refill is made of the finest 100% natural essential oils with aromatherapy benefits. With 18 weeks of scent duration, it will fill your room with luxury and sophistication for a long time.
■The refill stores Mountain Sage & Sea Salt natural essential oils. This blend of earthy sage aromas and salty oceanic fragrances creates harmony in the home and body, helping you to focus and relax.
■The container measures 1.57” in width and 4.33” in height and has an easy-to-open lid. The refill comes with 10 reeds included and has a volume of 5.07 fl oz. of relaxing aromas for an enchanting atmosphere.
■Made in Galway, Ireland, this refill would make an enchanting Irish gift for someone loved for various occasions. The delightful aromas will transform your home into a sanctuary, a space for relaxation.

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