Ireland Ceramics Teabag Holder

■Crafted with high-quality new bone china, this Irish teabag holder is durable, luxurious-looking, and chip-resistant, making it a piece that will withstand the test of time. It is dishwasher safe. 
■Finely adorned with Celtic knotwork, Ireland lettering, and shamrock motif, the teabag holder is a true cultural piece. The design is artistically inspired by a 9th-century Irish manuscript. 
■This Irish teabag holder is beautifully designed in the shape of a teapot, adding sparkles of playfulness to your kitchen, and measures approximately 5.90 inches in width. 
■Authentically made and designed in Ireland by Royal Tara, a renowned giftware brand that takes inspiration from the Celtic heritage. It makes a heartwarming gift from Ireland for any occasion.

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Celebrate the Celtic heritage every day with our teabag holder. Finely crafted out of new bone china, this teabag holder is both durable and stunningly beautiful, making it an indispensable addition. It is shaped in a teapot form and designed to bring a sense of playfulness to your kitchen.

This teabag holder is authentically Irish - it is produced in Ireland and features exquisite Celtic Irish designs such as Celtic knots, Triskele, and shamrock, with "Ireland" lettering in a traditional manuscript font. The Triskele or the Celtic Triple Spiral is a symbol of continuous movement and change and is believed to be the oldest symbol of spirituality. In ancient times, it was considered a representation of the three stages of a woman’s life: maid, mother, and crone. The shamrock is also a symbol of a trinity as it represents the Christian Holy Trinity. Legends say that St. Patrick used the three foils of the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to Irish pagans.

The teabag holder is dishwasher safe and it measures approximately 5.90 inches in width, the perfect dimension to rest any teabag. It would make a considerate gift idea for a new home or for any tea lover in your life.