Green Ireland Shamrock Performance Short Sleeve Rugby Shirt

■ 100% Top-Quality Polyester - Smooth and comfortable, this drylans performance top is made of 100% polyester that is moisture-wicking and helps maintain your core temperature, which is excellent for all-day wear, especially outside on a hot day or for outdoor sports activities.
■ Irish Features - This jersey is a great way to wear show off your Irish spirit, as it proudly displays the word ‘IRELAND’ across the chest in white block letters that contrast nicely with the green color of this piece. Over the left heart is a crest of three shamrocks, with the shamrock being the national flower of Ireland. 
■ Lansdowne Logo - Adding to the festive, sporty vibe of this jersey is a Lansdowne logo stitched in white over the right heart, creating sharp visual symmetry with the shamrock shield over the left heart. 
■ White Collar - Enhancing the athletic sophistication of this piece with distinguished style is a white raised collar that adds a striking touch, as it contrasts nicely with the rich green color of the jersey and lends a sleek effect. 

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You will have all the luck you need with this Green Ireland Shamrock Crest Jersey! This piece is a drylans performance top made of 100% polyester that is durable and breathable, making it perfect for anything, from a watching a riveting rugby match or playing in one yourself!

It also comes in a rich green color that creates a festive Irish flair, which is complemented by a white crest of three green shamrock flowers over the left heart and the word ‘IRELAND’ displayed across the chest in white block letters.

Across from the shamrock crest is a white Lansdowne logo stitched over the right heart, giving this jersey some authentic sportiness. Finished off with a raised white collar, this jersey will have you looking great on and off the field!