Gold Porcelain Irish Diffuser - Lily & Sandalwood

■Handmade with care in Galway, Ireland, this Gold Porcelain Irish Diffuser is a testament to artisan Irish craftsmanship, infused with the finest essential oils for an authentic and enriching olfactory experience. The beautiful blend of naturally extracted oils creates a soothing and uplifting atmosphere, promoting relaxation in your living spaces.

■Vegan product, approved by Vegan Society and Leaping Bunny, the diffuser does not contain any animal-derived ingredients and is free from any animal testing, ensuring a compassionate aromatic experience. Crafted with durable and reusable fine procelain,the diffuser vessel is adorned with a captivating gazing flower at the center and 22k gold elegant stripes. Our diffuser fills your space with delightful fragrances and also adds a touch of elegance to your surroundings.

■18 to 20 weeks of aromatic fragrance: with a height of 3.14 inches and a generous capacity of 5.07 oz, this diffuser provides 18 to 20 weeks of aromatic fragrance, making it an ideal addition to your home or office. Includes a 10-pack of black reeds ensuring optimal diffusion.

■Our Gold Porcelain Irish Diffuser is a fragrant masterpiece blending coconut's fruity sweetness, sandalwood's classy woody perfume, patchouli's earthiness, and lily's floral elegance to surrounds your room and promote relaxation, serenity, and a heightened sense of well-being.

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This exquisite Gold Porcelain Irish Diffuser - Lily & Sandalwood is a testament to sophistication and olfactory luxury.

The diffuser will enchant your surroundings as the black reeds are infused with a blend of meticulously chosen aromas of tropical coconuts, woody perfume of sandalwood, exotic heart notes of patchouli, and floral fragrance of lily, emanating a harmonious symphony. This diffuser is a sensory masterpiece, with notes of refreshing citrus, delicate florals, and a hint of earthy undertones, creating an immersive experience for your senses.

Crafted from fine porcelain, this Irish vessel stands as a symbol of elegance ensuring durability and heat retention for even diffusion. Our diffuser is adorned with a captivating gazing flower at its heart and magnificent 22k gold stripes used in traditional Irish craftsmanship that contribute to the rich tapestry of the Book of Kells. This diffuser is a visual masterpiece that transforms any space into a heaven of luxuriousness.

With 3.14 inches in height and a generous capacity of 5.07 oz, this diffuser is perfectly proportioned for a lasting aromatic experience of 18-20 weeks of a fusion of the finest oils that elevate the olfactory journey, promoting tranquility and relaxation.

This elegant Gold Porcelain Irish Diffuser comes with a sophisticated 10-pack of black reeds, ensuring optimal containment for a lasting and enchanting aromatic experience.