Fine Porcelain Irish Diffuser- Jasmine & Honeysuckle

■Irish diffuser comes in a 100% fine porcelain container, a lustrous material that will surely elevate your space. The 5.07 ounces of fine scents will last for up to 15 weeks, ideal for long-lasting relaxation.
■Features aromas of floral, invigorating jasmine, as well as sweet and fruity honeysuckle. This aromatic blend will surely enchant your senses and bring aromatherapy benefits to your ritual.
■The ceramic container measures 3.14” and can be reused after the scents have finished. You can either use it with our refillables or make it a vase for your favorite flowers. The container is adorned with a Celtic peacock, a symbol of immortality,
■Crafted in Galway, our diffuser is a celebration of the craftsmanship and heritage of the Emerald Isle. Coming with a gift box, it is ideal for offering to your friends and family and elevating their relaxation routine.



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Choose our Fine Porcelain Irish Diffuser- Jasmine & Honeysuckle and enchant your senses with the finest aromas! The diffuser is contained in a 100% fine porcelain container with a lustrous finish. The 5.07 ounces of strong scents will last for up to 15 weeks and fill your home with delicious smells. The floral invigorating notes of jasmine beautifully blend with fruity and sweet honeysuckle, a combination that will help you wind down after a long day and offer plenty of aromatherapy benefits. The container our diffuser comes in measures 3.14” and can be reused with our refillables or as a vase for a flower. Additionally, it is adorned with a royal peacock, a Celtic representation of immortality and foresight, for an extra touch of cultural authenticity. The blue tones of this design are reminiscent of the beautiful Irish coastlines, making our diffuser a celebration of the Emerald Isle’s heritage. The diffuser comes in a gift box, ready to give to your family and friends!