Ceramic Shamrock Coaster

■This coaster is crafted of high-quality ceramic, a durable and heat-resistant material, providing solidity and guaranteeing lasting use. The coaster is cork-backed and protects your furniture from any damage.
■This tableware piece features exquisite Irish designs that include the traditional shamrock, a symbol of the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity. The elaborate Celtic knotwork border in rich hues of green, gold, and red resemble the patterns from the Book of Kells manuscript.
■This 4.25" by 4.25" coaster is great for protecting surfaces from moisture and heat damage caused by cups, glasses, or mugs. Its square form allows it to fit a wide range of drinkware sizes, making it a flexible addition to any home.
■Our coaster offers a culturally inspired aesthetic touch to your table or decor and is versatile and suited for a variety of occasions, from everyday use to special gatherings or themed events. This coaster is a thoughtful and meaningful gift for anybody interested in Irish culture or history.

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Bring some Irish charm to your drinking experience with this beautiful ceramic Shamrock Coaster. It is made of high-quality ceramic, a durable material that is resistant to heat and scratches. Ceramics provides solidity and guarantees long-lasting use for years to come. The back-corked will protect the furniture and keep many surfaces clean of stains and spills. The coaster is an ornate tableware decor that features a green Shamrock as the centerpiece of the design. It is believed that St. Patrick used this three-leaved shamrock to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish. Therefore, the three leaves of the shamrock allude to the Holy Spirit, the Father, and the Son, as well as faith, hope, and love. The central shamrock is also adorned with a colorful border with never-ending Celtic Knots symbolizing the interconnectivity of all things in the universe. This coaster measures 4.25 inches square, being fitted for a wide range of drinkware sizes - it is large enough to catch everyone’s attention. The ceramic coaster offers a blend of practicality and cultural significance, making it a unique and eye-catching addition to your home decor and a culturally inspired gift to a loved one in your life.