Celtic Wall Hanging Art: Trinity knot, St Brigit's cross, Tree of life

■Celtic art collection with three intricately crafted pieces, made with a 100% mild steel base, a durable material that ensures prolonged use. The polished brass finish is rust-resistant and creates a lustrous appearance.
■Three designs featuring iconic Irish and Celtic motifs such as the Trinity knot, a representation of the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity, St Brigit’s cross, a symbol that is meant to bring protection to your home, as well as the Celtic Tree of life that represents the connection between heaven and earth.
■Each piece measures 0.6” in thickness and 12” in diameter, perfectly sized to fit on your walls, shelves, or desk. This collection makes a beautiful decor set for elevating any space within your home.
■Created with cultural authenticity in mind, showcasing excellent craftsmanship, this collection makes a unique gift idea, suitable for a housewarming event, a Celtic themed celebration or simply an addition to your home.


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If elevating your home with a dash of cultural meaning is on your to-do list for this year, choose our Celtic Art Collection: Trinity knot, St Brigit's cross, Tree of life. This set comes with three pieces attentively crafted from 100% mild steel, a strong base finished with polished brass, a rust-resistant material that is sure to last for years to come. Measuring 12” in diameter and 0.6” in thickness, each metal piece makes an elegant, sleek decoration that perfectly complements your walls, shelves, or office spaces.
What sets this collection apart is its culturally-inspired design! The Trinity knot, with its three interconnected loops, symbolizes the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity. The St Brigit’s cross is a symbol meant to bring protection and safety to your home and your peers, whereas the Celtic Tree of Life, with beautiful grounded roots that intertwine with the branches that stretch towards the sky, is a representation of the connection between heaven and earth.
You can add this collection to your decor collection or gift it to a loved one that appreciates the heritage of the Emerald Isle!