Celtic Tree of Life Breakfast Black Tea

■The Irish Breakfast tea is a full-bodied black tea made of richly flavored infusions from Assam and Darjeeling, two Indian regions where high-quality tea is cultivated. 
■Having a net weight of 0.08 pounds (40 g) and a gross weight of 0.20 pounds (95 g), the invigorating blend of loose-leaf tea will enrich your tea parties on multiple occasions. 
■The tea is stocked in a container that features our popular “Celtic Tree of Life” design decorated with floral patterns that come in splashes of red and yellow. 
■Made in Ireland by Royal Tara, the Irish company that produces authentic giftware representative of the Emerald Isle, the small storage container can be kept as a decorative souvenir or reused for teas, herbs, and other spices. 

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Get a taste of Ireland with our richly flavored black tea that unfolds its leaves with a boldly invigorating aroma. Cultivated in Assam and Darjeeling, the Irish Breakfast tea is a full-bodied tea of high quality. Having a net weight of 0.08 pounds (40 g) and a gross weight of 0.20 pounds (95 g), the tea is stored in a reusable container that features an interplay of exquisite Celtic knots and triple spiral patterns which decorate the central Tree of Life design. The Celtic Tree of Life sheds its leaves in the fall and is reborn in spring, representing the cycle of life. Being kept as a souvenir or reused for other tea herbs or spices, the container will recall Ireland’s rustic traditions that go back to medieval times. Complimenting the traditional Irish breakfast, our Tree of Life Loose Leaf Tea is the perfect way to start your day in full vitality. To embrace the Irish tradition, the tea is usually drunk hot, with milk and sugar added.