Celtic Peacock Designed Tea Towels Set of 2

■Attentively crafted from 100% cotton, known for being one of the most reliable and versatile materials, these enchanting 2 tea towels are soft, durable and extremely absorbent
■The towels feature a stunning design which depicts a Celtic peacock, thought to symbolize immortality, with an intricate and colorful tail made up of 'eyes' that represent foresight
■Measuring 26.3 inches in length and 17.7 inches in width, these lovely tea towels are well-suited for various tasks and uses but can also serve as a culturally-inspired kitchen decor
■Our set of 2 is a perfect gift for lovers of Celtic design or those seeking beautiful and practical kitchen accessories that add a touch of history and culture to their home

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This set of 2 Tea Towels with Celtic Peacock Design is a beautiful addition to any kitchen. These tea towels feature a stunning Celtic peacock design, symbolizing immortality, which is a powerful motif in ancient Celtic art. The peacock's elaborate tail is made up of colorful 'eyes,' which were believed to grant the bird the ability to see the future.
Crafted from 100% cotton, these tea towels are both soft and durable. The cotton ensures that the towels are highly absorbent, making them perfect for wiping up spills or as decorative kitchen accessories.
Each towel measures 26.3 inches in length and 17.7 inches in width, making them well-suited for a variety of uses in the kitchen. The vibrant and intricate design of the 2 Tea Towels is sure to brighten up any kitchen, while the high-quality material ensures that they are both practical and long-lasting.
Perfect as a gift or as a treat for yourself, these tea towels are a must-have for any lover of Celtic design or beautiful and practical kitchen accessories.