Cable Cowlneck Poncho

■ 100% Merino Wool - Made of 100% Merino wool, this poncho will drape over your body and provide rich warmth that insulates you from the cold, moisture-wicking breathability that keeps you dry, and plush softness.
■ Aran Stitching - A striking design featuring Aran cable patterns that symbolize hopes for success dress this poncho up with flowy movement and style that will not go unnoticed.
■ Flatters Every Shape - As a poncho, this piece is naturally designed with a loose fit that allows it to fall on the shoulders and gracefully elongate every shape and size, creating a silhouette that looks great on any woman.
■ Broad Collar - A pronounced cowlneck collar makes this poncho look regal and provides spacious comfort for the neck.
■ Delicate Care - Though Merino wool is naturally strong and resilient, it requires delicate care to help ensure that it will provide the best quality long-term. To get the most out of your poncho, hand washing is recommended.

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If you’re tired of plain, everyday sweaters and want to add some whimsy and fun to your looks, then you won’t go wrong with this Cable Cowlneck Poncho! Gracefully flowy and chic, this piece is made of 100% soft Merino wool that will keep you warm and cozy through the fall and winter seasons. As a poncho, it also features a loose yet neatly tapered look that wonderfully frames any shape while offering great breathability for comfort and layering with other pieces. Catching the eye from any angle on this poncho is a chunky vertical Aran cable rope pattern that symbolizes success. The broad cowl neck collar complements this pattern with its pronounced size that also provides breathability and comfort for the neck. This versatile poncho is great for dressing up a boring look and can take you from the home to the office!