Brass Shamrock Irish Door Knocker

■This Irish door knocker is crafted from 100% durable brass, a material that embodies enduring quality, promising both visual appeal and lasting functionality, thanks to it's inherent rust-resistant properties. 
■The door knocker boasts a symbolic shamrock design, rich in Irish tradition, encapsulating love, faith, hope and the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity, making it more than just a functional accessory. 
■Measuring approximately 5.5" tall by 5 1/8", this door knocker stands as a unique and meaningful statement piece. With its 1 inch striker plate, this door knocker is easy to install. 
■A perfect Irish gift, this piece combines exceptional craftsmanship and cultural significance, offering a unique and thoughtful present that adds the essence of Ireland to any home. 

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Elevate the charm of your doorway with our Brass Shamrock Irish Door Knocker. Crafted from 100% durable brass, this door knocker combines timeless elegance with functional durability. The inherent rust-resistant properties of brass ensure not only a lasting visual appeal but also a robust and resilient accessory for your entrance.
The intricate shamrock design is more than decorative—it embodies the essence of Irish symbolism. Representing love, faith, hope and cultural richness, our door knocker makes each knock echoe with tradition and meaning. Measuring approximately 5.5" tall by 5 1/8", this door knocker with its 1 inch striker plate is easy to install.
As more than a functional accent, this door knocker becomes a perfect Irish gift, a thoughtful blend of craftsmanship and cultural significance.