Boyne Valley Knitwear Mens One Button Shawl Wool Collar Cable Sweater

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■ 100% Premium Irish Merino Wool
■ Imported from Ireland
■ Boyne Valley Knitwear is Located in County Meath in the Boyne Valley and has a reputation for providing excellent quality garments

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This beautiful sweater is a true wardrobe staple. Setting the tone for this piece’s distinguished look is its raised shawl collar that shows off a football button detail and a beautiful ribbed pattern matching that on the cuffs and hem.

Complementing these ribbed details are elegant Aran diamond, honeycomb, cable, and basket stitch designs that decorate the sleeves and body of this sweater.

The diamond represents wealth, the honeycomb symbolizes the worker bees of the Aran Islands, and the cable and basket stand for hopes for big catches for fishermen.

Made from Irish Merino wool, this sweater is the perfect gift for yourself or someone else.

Pair it with jeans for a casual, daytime look or with slacks for a more sophisticated, professional look!