Blooming 18k Gold Scottish Thistle Pendant

■Manufactured from sterling silver, a durable material that doesn’t rust or tarnish. The pendant features 18k gold accents. This lovely combination of metals ensures elegance and long-lasting wear.

■The pendant features a thistle design that represents the national emblem of Scotland. A symbol of bravery, this wild flower is surrounded by tales of Scots defeating the Vikings in the Highlands. This thistle pendant celebrated Scottish culture.

■Adorned with multiple emerald glass gemstones, beautifully arranged across the thistle, this piece is unique. The green-toned gemstones create a stunning visual effect and add vibrancy to this versatile pendant.

■The pendant measures 1.3 inches in height and can be placed on any type of chain to greatly complement both formal and casual outfits. This piece comes with a matching 20 inch chain.

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Our Lovely Sterling Silver Scottish Thistle Pendant Jewelry in 18k Gold accent and Gemstones is a great choice for those who wish to celebrate Scotland’s culture or wear unique pieces. It is crafted from a combination of sterling silver and 18k gold accents, durable materials that do not rust or tarnish, ensuring the pendant will last for generations to come. A luxurious item, this piece is designed as a thistle, Scotland’s national emblem and a symbol of courage. The Scottish thistle appeared in stories of Scots’ bravery and inspired the motto "Nemo me impune lacessit", translating to What dares meddle with me?”. The wildflower is adorned with multiple emerald glass gemstones that add a pop of color. The green tones of the gemstones are a great contrast to the gold and silver of the pendant. This piece measureMake sure you store the pendant in dry places to keep it in great condition.