Aran Leaf Scarf

■Knit from merino wool, an extraordinary material known for its unparalleled warmth, remarkable softness, and impressive durability
■Features a gorgeous leaf pattern that celebrates the untamed beauty of nature and rich cultural tapestry of the Aran Islands
■The scarf measures 68.9″ in length and 9.8″ in width, making it an ideal accessory to add an extra layer of warmth and style
■To prevent shrinking and shape distortion, wash the scarf by hand in cold water with mild detergent and dry it on a flat surface

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Wrap yourself in our incredibly soft and warm Irish scarf and you will never want to take it off. The scarf is made from merino wool, a material with excellent insulation, softness, and moisture-wicking. No matter where you’re going and what you’re doing, a merino wool scarf will provide the ultimate combination of comfort and functionality. The scarf stands out thanks to its unique design featuring Aran stitching patterns which offer texture, dimension, and authenticity.

The scarf features the leaf stitching pattern that combines beautifully to create a harmonious design. This pattern symbolizes abundance, richness, and the untamed beauty of nature, and they also celebrate the rich cultural tapestry of the Aran Islands. This gorgeous and meaningful design makes this scarf the perfect Irish accessory to add to your wardrobe. Besides, it is an incredibly versatile accessory, so you can pair it with anything you like and wear it on any occasion!