Amethyst Celtic Tree of Life Pendant

■ Beautifully crafted from 100% Sterling Silver, this necklace is sturdy, tarnish-resistant, and shiny - it can keep its luster and durability for a lifetime if properly taken care of.

■ A beautiful surprise - our Tree of Life pendant is the perfect gift for anyone with Celtic roots. The Tree of Life represents in Celtic culture the connection between heaven, earth, and the underworld

■ The dimensions of the pendant are 0.63 inches in width and 0.78 inches in height. It comes on a sterling silver chain with a length of 18 inches. The necklace comes in a gift box

■ For the best results, it is highly recommended that you store this sterling silver piece of jewelry away from moisture, humidity, and sunlight. Place it in a dry, enclosed space

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Adorn your jewelry collection with our A beautiful surprise in the Tree of Life ~ Sterling Silver Jewelry Pendant with 18" chain and box!

This product is the ideal gift for anyone with Celtic or Irish roots. It comes with a chain and is beautifully packed in a gift box. The pendant is shaped like a Tree of Life. In Celtic culture, this symbol represents the connection between all living things and the continuity of life through time. It represents the idea that everything is connected and interdependent, from the roots to the branches and leaves.

Our pendant is made of 100% premium sterling silver, being tarnish resistant and sturdy. This type of silver has a charming gleam that will steal all the looks. If taken proper care of, our pendant will last a lifetime. Please store it in a dry, closed space.