White Plush Sheep Rolled Sleeve Ladies T-shirt

■ 100% Cotton - Made of cotton, this t-shirt is perfect to wear indoors or outdoors, on a hot or cool day. Cotton is naturally soft, durable, and wicks moisture away from the skin to provide excellent breathability.
■ Relaxed Fit - This tee is designed with a relaxed fit that looks great on all kinds of frames and sizes, and it provides roomy comfort that, paired with its breathability, makes it great to wear all day long.
■ Sheep Design - An adorable little sheep decorates the front of this tee. This sheep features a subtle smile and a body covered with black, furry wool that adds texture and dimension to the shirt. Millions of sheep reside on the lovely fields of Ireland, so they are an indelible part of the country’s landscape.
■ Machine Washable - Easy to maintain, this t-shirt can be machine washed, so it will save you extra time and energy that you can spend on other priorities in your day-to-day schedule.
■ Made by Traditional Craft - This lovable t-shirt is made in Ireland by Traditional Craft, a respected brand that has been making fabulous apparel for over 40 years. Traditional Craft is based in Newbridge, County Kildare.

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For a sweet, adorable way to remember the Emerald Isle, add this Plush Sheep Rolled Sleeve T-Shirt to your closet! This shirt is made of 100% cotton, a practical fabric that is soft, durable, and wicks moisture away from the skin for great breathability.

This breathability paired with the shirt’s relaxed fit makes it wonderful to wear on a warm day. Available in white, this shirt can also be paired with anything from a black denim jacket to colorful leggings.

On the front is a jolly sheep with spindly legs and black wool that is fuzzy to the touch. This sheep stands above the word ‘Ireland’ in a black cursive font.

Sheep are a special part of Ireland, as millions of them reside on the country’s lovely countryside. Full of character and warmth, this t-shirt makes a wonderful gift for anyone who adores Ireland!