White Lucky Irish Charm Kids T-Shirt

■ Quality Fabric - This t-shirt is lightweight and made of excellent-quality fabric that will have your little one feeling great all day. It is soft, durable, and wicks moisture away from the skin for great breathability, which is perfect for hot days.
■ Irish Design - The design featured on this shirt is full of color and animation that will light up any child’s eyes. At the top is “Lucky Irish” in an animated green font highlighted with delicate, multi-colored shamrocks. Below that is a vibrant rainbow with a smiling cloud at the top at one end and a pot of gold at the bottom at the other end. In the center is a large green shamrock, and below that is the word “Charm.”
■ Comfy Collar - The collar of this cheerful tee is wider than average, making it especially roomy. The breathability of this collar makes it comfortable to wear on a long day, especially one outside in sunny weather.
■ Machine Washable - Care for this charming tee is simple and quick, as it is machine washable. This saves you precious time and energy that can be put towards more important tasks like errands and spending time with your wee ones.
■ Made by Traditional Craft - This lucky t-shirt is made in Ireland by Traditional Craft, a respected brand that has been making memorable apparel and accessories for over 40 years. Traditional Craft is based in Newbridge, County Kildare.

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For a cheerful dash of Irish luck, have your little one wear this White Lucky Irish Charm T-Shirt for the day! This short-sleeve tee comes in a vibrant white that can be paired with anything, from blue jeans to colorful skirts.

On the front is the phrase “Lucky Irish Charm” in a whimsical green font that is highlighted with tiny shamrock flowers in yellow, orange, green, and red.

Making this t-shirt especially lucky is a rainbow with a smiling cloud at one end and a pot of gold at the other, along with a large green shamrock, a symbol of good fortune and the national Irish flower.

Made of soft, breathable fabric with a comfortable collar, this spirited t-shirt is great for your child to wear anytime, especially on hot days during the summer!