Wacky Woolies Small Green Soft Toy

■Our soft plush toy features one of the Wacky Woollies sheep made a very lightweight and durable material, sure to bring joy to your little one. Its wooly appearance makes it huggable and incredibly squishy.

■The smiling sheep in a bright green shade pays tribute to the Irish sheep on the green fields of the Emerald Isle. Its name ‘Lovable’ is stitched across his side in contrasting black lettering. 

■This adorable toy measures 5.5" x 4.5", a great size to accompany your young one throughout his first years, and will surely bring smiles to your home.

■The fluffy and full-of-personality sheep would make an adorable gift for your little ones. It will lift your child’s spirits and make each day fun.

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If you are looking for a plush friend for your little one, our Wacky Woolies Small Green Soft Toy is a lovely choice. It has soft wool made of a flexible and lightweight material, so your young one can play with this toy for a long time. The cute toy features Lovable, one of the other Wacky Woollies that will lift your child’s spirits and make each day fun. The sheep resembles the Irish sheep, which is a beloved symbol of Ireland. These adored Irish inhabitants reside and roam on the gorgeous green fields and hills of the Emerald Isle. The black stitching on the side of the sheep says ‘Lovable’ beautifully contrasting with the vivid green color. With 5.5” x 5.5”, this lovely Wacky Woolies toy can be easily carried around by your little ones, bringing fun and joy. The adorable sheep toy would make a culturally inspired gift for a playful child and a brilliant addition to a kid's toy collection.