Slainte Bronze Plated Wall Plaque

■Plated with Bronze: Our Gaelic plaque is finely plated with bronze, an excellent-quality metal that provides rust resistance and durability, assuring it will decorate your home for many years to come 
■Slainte & Knotwork: Imbued in cultural authenticity, this vintage-looking wall plaque features a ‘Slainte’ design, surrounded by Celtic knotwork. Translated as ‘Health’ or ‘Cheers’, ‘Slainte’ is an Irish expression traditionally used during toasts and celebrations. The knotwork detailing adds a plus of meaning, being symbolic of the Celtic belief in the interconnectedness of all things in the universe.
■Perfect size: With dimensions of 5.70’’ in height & 5.90’’ in width, this bronze-plated plaque is just the ideal size to be displayed anywhere in your home: hung on a wall, placed on your desk, or in any other location of your choice.
■Unique Gift: This plaque is a great way of showing someone your love and appreciation by giving them a piece of Irish culture and qualitative craftsmanship - it will surely put a smile on their face!

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Decorate your home in a traditional Irish way with our Slainte Bronze Plated Wall Plaque, an embodiment of Irish heritage and craftsmanship!
This wall plaque is finely plated with bronze, a high-quality metallic material that guarantees long-lasting use due to its high resistance to rust and corrosion. Besides its durability, bronze has a unique oxidized appearance that provides an antique look, making the plaque the ideal addition for vintage-style lovers.
The wall plaque is infused with cultural authenticity as it features a 'Slainte' design surrounded by Celtic knotwork. 'Slainte' is an Irish expression that translates as 'Health' or 'Cheers' and is frequently used during toasts and celebrations. The knotwork adds an additional layer of meaning, representing the Celtic belief in the interrelationship of all things in the universe.
Measuring 5.70" in height and 5.90" in width, our bronze-plated plaque is the perfect size to place anywhere in your home. It also makes a meaningful gift idea for many occasions given its cultural significance and quality craftsmanship.