Single Tea Towel Emblems of Ireland

■Made out of 100% cotton for a soft feel and absorbent properties
■Designed with four of the most well-known Irish symbols
■The towel measures 29.5 by 19.6 inches (75 by 50 cm)

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Decorate your kitchen with a beautiful and practical item that honors your Irish heritage with our Tea Towel designed with symbols of Ireland. The tea towel is made out of 100% cotton for a soft feel, a durable product, and a practical kitchen towel. It measures 29.5 by 19.6 inches(75 by 50 cm) making it perfect for daily use. Wash them using cold water and give them a stretch before drying.

Designed with four of the most known symbols of Ireland, this towel is not only a practical item, but it also honors your culture. The Claddagh ring, Celtic Cross, shamrock, and Irish Harp are all representative of Ireland’s history and they represent love, faith, loyalty, and the rich history of the country.