September Birthstone Irish Eire Lucky Penny Pendant

■Irish lucky penny pendant crafted with great attention to detail with 100% luxurious gold plating, a rust-resistant material that will surely elevate your accessory collection and make you feel sophisticated
■Designed in the shape of an Irish penny, a bearer of good luck and protection. The penny is adorned with an Irish harp engraving, a heraldic symbol of the Emerald Isle that reminds us of the importance music has in this lively country. Additionally, it features the word “Eire” the Irish for Ireland, allowing to showcase national pride.
■Embellished with a beautiful 0.11” (diameter) synthetic birthstone crystal so you can celebrate your birthday as well as Irish heritage with our lovely pendant. You can even gift it to your loved ones and spice up their attire!
■Measures ⅞” in diameter and comes with an 18” chain so you can easily wrap it around your neck. Perfectly sized, our pendant adds a dainty touch of elegance to your style.


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Whether you wish to celebrate the spirit of the Emerald Isle or add a cherished keepsake to your jewelry collection, choose our September Birthstone Irish Eire Lucky Penny Pendant. Our pendant is attentively crafted, with a 100% gold plating, a rust and tarnish-resistant material, ideal for adding luxury and longevity to your accessory collection. The design features an engraving of an Irish harp, a heraldic symbol of the Emerald Isle that also serves as a reminder of the importance music has in this country. The “Eire” engraving allows you to display national pride as it translates to Ireland. Our pendant is shaped like an Irish penny, meant to bring good luck and protection into your life. The design is even further enhanced by the 0.11” (diameter) synthetic birthstone crystal that beautifully dangles at the bottom and makes this pendant a celebration of both your birthday and Irish heritage. This piece measures ⅞” in diameter, perfectly sized to complement your style without overpowering any outfit. Additionally, it comes with an 18” chain so you can place it around your neck with ease and let the pendant elegantly shine. This piece makes a thoughtful present to your loved ones as you can personalize it and choose the gemstone of their birth month!