Scottish Whisky Loose Leaf Tea

■Authentic Scottish whiskey-flavored tea, ideal for starting your day with a strong taste. The 4.4 oz loose-leaf tea blend that boasts the robust aromas of Scottish malt makes the perfect addition to your tea collection.
■Comes in a reusable container that is beautifully designed with a Scottish tartan pattern, an authentic symbol once used by the clans of the Highland for identification. The barrels and fields displayed on the tin allude to the tea industry of Scotland and infuse this tea with cultural significance. 
■The tin is compact and comes with a lid that is sure to keep your tea fresh for prolonged periods of time. You can use this container even after you finish the tea, as a lovely Scottish souvenir, as well as for storage.
■Makes the perfect present for any lover of tea and Scottish heritage. It perfectly goes with a matching teapot or mug and is suitable for housewarming parties, family gatherings, or your next tea party!



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Get the rich taste of the Highlands with our Scottish Whisky Loose Leaf Tea! This container comes with 4.4 oz of delicious loose-leaf tea. This meticulously picked blend combines the robust aromas of Scottish breakfast tea with the strong taste of Scottish whiskey. This malt-infused tea is sure to spice up your morning routine and any tea party. Additionally, it comes in a reusable tin container with a lid, perfectly designed to keep the leaves fresh for prolonged periods of time. After your tea is finished you can use the container as a Scottish souvenir or for storing different items in your kitchen. The tin is adorned with traditional Scottish motifs for a touch of cultural significance. The tartan displayed on the container is an authentic Scottish pattern that was used by the Highlands clan as a way of identification. The barrels and fields that adorn our tea container allude to the tea industry of Scotland, making this blend a true celebration of the hardworking Scots who bring this delicious tea to our kitchens. Whether you pair this traditional Scottish whiskey tea with a matching teapot or mug set, it is sure to make a lovely present for your dear ones, ideal for housewarmings, tea parties, or Scottish-themed celebrations!