Scottish Weave Thistle Spoon Rest

■Meticulously manufactured from bone china, a durable type of ceramic that provides long time use of this meaningful kitchenware accessory. It is perfect for placing your hot spoons on while cooking a delicious meal.
■Designed with attention to details, in the style of Celtic manuscripts, the intertwining loops are a celebration of heritage and will surely attract attention due to their vibrancy and complexity. 
■Features the Scottish thistle placed at the center of the spoon rest. This charming flower is the national flower of Scotland, surrounded by a tale of bravery in battles against Vikings, that Scots proudly won.
■Measuring approximately 8.6 inches in length, our kitchen accessory will easily hold smaller and larger spoons, providing easy and accessible use for anyone who loves preparing family meals.


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Whether you enjoy cooking, or wish to make a thoughtful gift to anyone passionate about Scotland, our Scottish Thistle Spoon Rest is the right choice. Crafted from bone china, a resistant type of ceramic that will last for years, our kitchen accessory is both practical and eye-catching. Our spoon rest is heat-resistant so you won’t have to worry about placing hot cooking instruments on your countertops. Measuring 8.6 inches in length, our spoon rest can hold a variety of bigger and smaller spoons. The beautiful pattern is inspired by Celtic manuscripts, with connected loops in colorful tones. Features the Scottish thistle, the national flower of Scotland Its meaning is rooted in legends about the Scots' bravery against the Vikings. With lovely accents and symbols, our spoon rest is a great addition to your kitchen. Our piece is dishwasher safe, but keep in mind to avoid placing it next to metal objects in order to prevent scratching.