Round Slainte Stained Glass Panel

■Displaying great attention to detail, this piece is crafted from stained glass, a hand- painted durable material that provides a unique and timeless appearance. Place this long-lasting item near your windows, or on your walls and let it capture the light. 
■This design pays homage to Ireland’s vast cultural heritage. The round plaque is adorned with intricate Celtic knotwork, beautiful loops with no beginning or end, meant to represent the Celts’ belief in eternal life.
■This piece features the “Slainte” inscription, a traditional Irish expression equivalent to the English ‘cheers’. This saying is commonly used as a drinking toast, a way of celebrating and sharing the joy of drinking with friends and loved ones.
■The round plaque comes with its own hooks for easily installing and measures 6.3 inches in diameter, a perfect size to fit on any wall. The stained glass comes in a branded gift box. 

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Whether you want to add charm to your home, or wish to make an Irish gift to your loved ones, look no further than our Irish stained glass. This piece is attentively crafted from stained glass, a durable and hand-painted material with unique colorful hues, that will surely be a part of your home for years to come. You can place this piece near your windows, or on your walls, and it will capture the light, creating beautiful visual effects on surfaces around it. The design features Celtic knotwork with intertwining lines that represent the Celtic belief in continuity and eternal life. The Irish expression “Slainte” is a reminder of the rich cultural heritage of Ireland, and the importance of gathering with friends and loved ones to share in the joys of life. Slainte translates to ‘health’, or the English ‘cheers’, and it is used as a drinking toast, making this piece a perfect addition to any celebratory occasion. Measuring 6.3 inches in diameter and coming with a hook, this plaque can be easily installed with a few basic tools. This stained glass comes in its own branded gift box.