Leather Celtic Knot Men's Wallet

■Leather wallet: crafted from 100% Premium Bullhide Leather domestically tanned in a rich chocolate color, this wallet is a testament to durability and quality. This leather ensures longevity, making the wallet a reliable companion that withstands daily wear and tear, while providing a luxurious touch
■Compact & functional: measuring 3.25" x 4" when folded, our Celtic wallet is designed with practicality in mind. It features six card slots, two pockets, and a bill compartment. This thoughtful layout ensures efficient organization for your essentials, making it an ideal daily companion
■Celtic Dara Knot design: embodying strength and cultural symbolism, the Celtic Dara Knot is embossed on the front of the wallet. The rope that is infinitely interwoven is thought to represent continuity, and the connection between people and their ancestors 
■Boasting Irish craftsmanship and culturally-inspired design, this leather wallet stands out as an excellent gift choice for any man. Beyond its functional appeal, the wallet carries a touch of heritage and symbolism, making it both a meaningful and stylish gift 

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OB-WM01 Chocolate


Our Leather Celtic Knot Men's Wallet is the perfect accessory for all the men on the go – compact, practical, and high-quality. This wallet is crafted from premium bullhide leather, tanned in a rich chocolate hue, being a statement accessory. This wallet is incredibly resistant to daily wear and tear, ensuring it will withstand the test of time in your collection. Moreover, it's extremely versatile & compact: when folded, it measures 3.25" x 4", and inside you'll find six card slots, two pockets, and a bill compartment.
The front of the wallet features an embossed Celtic Dara Knot, made of a single, infinite rope that represents strength and the eternal connection between people and their ancestors.
So more than a functional item, this wallet is a cultural piece, boasting an Irish design and making an exceptional gift choice that will impress any man.