Ladies Roll Neck Sweater

■ 100% Merino Wool. Merino wool is a premium quality wool that is luxuriously soft, breathable, and incredibly warm. This posh wool makes this sweater the perfect piece to wear for staying nice and toasty outside on a freezing fall or winter day.
■ Oversized Style. Putting a contemporary spin on the traditional polo neck sweater is the slouchy, oversized style of this piece. The relaxed, loose-fit dimensions give this sweater a modern, fashion-forward edge that will stand out in a crowd.
■ Polo Neck Collar. The large polo neck collar stands out as the most striking detail in this sweater. It truly brings out the stylish, loose-fit style of the piece while providing protective insulation for the neck outside in the cold.
■ Ribbed Trim. Complementing the fresh style of this charming sweater is fine ribbed trimming on the cuffs of the sleeves and the hem that finishes off the piece with a clean, classic touch.

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For a modern take on the traditional polo neck sweater, this Fisherman Polo Neck Sweater the piece for you!

This sweater’s 100% Merino wool composition is perfect for staying warm and insulated from icy winds, all while keeping you comfortably dry with its moisture-wicking breathability and rich softness.

Dressing this piece up with mesmerizing style is a classic marl yarn structure that brings out fine fabric details.

The slouchy, oversized style of this sweater also lends it a trendy, laid back feel that truly stands out with the large polo neck collar that provides generous warmth for the neck.

This sweater is a unique piece that will be a popular fall and winter favorite!