Irish Shamrock Spoon Rest

■Made out of qualitative ceramic for a durable product
■Designed with the well-known Shamrock symbol and Celtic Knots
■Measures 8.6 inches and it is dishwasher safe 

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Add a culturally rich piece to your kitchen and combine practicality with interior design in a beautiful way that will impress any guest. Our spoon rest is made out of high-quality ceramic that will make sure you can enjoy this product for a long time. It measures 8.6 inches and it is dishwasher safe making it easy to use and clean.

Designed in a unique way, this piece is not only useful but will add an Irish-inspired feel to your kitchen. In the middle of the spoon rest, you will see the Irish Shamrock, a well-known symbol of Ireland’s culture that honors its history and heritage. The shamrock was used in ancient times to teach everyone about God and the Holy Trinity and it is also a symbol for the magical number 3. Around it, the beautifully detailed and colored Knot Work adds even more to this design representing the history and culture of Ireland.