Irish Mug

■Irish mug made from 100% bone china, a very study type of porcelain
■Designed with the motif of the shamrock, a timeless symbol of Ireland
■Ideal as a gift for your friends and family

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Surprise your loved ones with a thoughtful gift from Ireland! This mug is the perfect piece to complete your kitchenware collection. It is made from fine and sturdy bone china, one of the most luxurious types of porcelain.

It is chip resistant, but it still requires careful handling. This piece was crafted in the heart of Ireland, by Royal Tara, a leading manufacturer of Irish giftware. The design was created around the motif of the shamrock - one of the most meaningful and timeless symbols of Ireland.

The mug is adorned with beautiful detailing, in a color palette that combines gold, blue and green with red accents. Celtic knots are illustrated as well. They usually symbolize the interconnectedness of nature elements such as water, fire and earth. The Celts had a life philosophy based on the connection between humans and nature. Celtic art is full of such motives and our mug carries on an authentic feeling through its design. Get this piece to enliven your dining table and remind your loved ones of their Irish pride!