Irish Harp China Mug Irish gift from Galway Ireland

■Irish mug made in Ireland from 100% bone china porcelain
■Irish Harp design, adorned with Celtic motives detailing
■Liquid capacity of 325ml or 11fl oz

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Complete your kitchenware collection and cherish your roots with this charming Irish mug! A truly Irish mug, this piece was made in Ireland, by Royal Tara, a leading manufacturer of Irish giftware, well-known for its authentic products and designs. This mug depicts an illustration of an Irish harp, a traditional and historical motif. This symbol has existed since medieval times in Ireland. It is considered to be a heraldic symbol of Ireland and it initially appeared as a sign of the sovereignty of Ireland in early Irish mythology. The illustration is also adorned with meticulous detailing, in a beautiful color palette that combines shades of green, gold, blue and slight red accents. Celtic knots are also part of the design, being historical symbols of the human connection to nature. Most knots have 3 parts that represent the natural elements, water, fire and earth.

Besides being a beautiful piece that channels Irish and Celtic pride, it is also a perfectly functional mug, big enough for a good serving of tea, coffee or whatever beverage you might prefer. It holds a liquid capacity of 325 ml or 11 fluid ounces. It is also resistant to chipping and preserves heat for longer, being made of 100% bone china, one of the top quality types of porcelain.