Ireland Loose Leaf Tea

■Full-bodied breakfast black tea made from a blend of high-grown teas
■Comes in a reusable tin featuring a colorful and intricate Celtic design
■The tea has a net weight of 1.4 oz and a gross weight of 3.4 oz

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Feel the power of Irish breakfast tea with our black loose leaf tea! It's a hearty, full-bodied black tea made from a blend of high-grown teas from Assam and Darjeeling in India. This invigorating tea pairs perfectly with bacon, eggs, toast, beans, and fried potatoes. If you want to drink this tea the Irish way, serve it with a little milk and sugar. The design of the tin can is truly a work of art. It features classic Celtic embellishments like elaborate Celtic knots, triple spiral patterns, Shamrocks, and an “Ireland” lettering in the style of medieval manuscripts. Besides, the tin is reusable, so it is perfect for keeping a variety of teas, herbs, and spices.