Feenish Pashmina Celtic Knot Scarf

■Celtic knot scarf crafted with precision from 100% pashmina, a soft material that is widely appreciated for its luxurious, warm feeling. This scarf ensures to withstand the test of time, as well as wrap you in a bundle of softness each time you wear it.
■Designed with intricate Celtic knotwork that represents continuity. The infinitely intertwining loops are a representation of the connection between all things in the universe, making this scarf a celebration of the longstanding traditions of the Celts.
■With rich hues of golden, blue, and green, inspired by the Irish Feenish island, a place with wonderful coast landscapes, lush landscapes, and unique flora and fauna. Our scarf allows you to stay connected to what makes the Emerald Isle so special.
■Measures 13.5 x 72 inches, offering various styling options: from draping it across your body, wrapping it around your neck, or wearing it tied around your waist. The fringe trims create elegant movement and make this scarf a must-have!


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If you are a lover of unique patterns on scarfs and wish to experiment with your style, choose our Feenish Pashmina Celtic Knot Scarf! Our scarf is made with exceptional attention to detail, from 100% pashmina, a soft material that will wrap in a warm, yet breathable bundle with each wear. The scarf measures 13.5 x 72 inches and is ideally designed so you can style it in a variety of ways: from wrapping it around your neck for a touch of coziness, to draping it over your body for a vintage yet timeless appearance. You can pair our scarf with an authentic Aran sweater for the ultimate Irish look! The fringe detailing is a lovely detail that creates movement and enhances your attire with a dash of sophistication.
What sets our scarf apart is its Celtic design, showcasing infinitely intertwining loops. These intricate knots, creating a mesmerizing pattern, are a representation of the interconnectivity of all things in the universe. The rich shades of blue, green, and golden take inspiration from the Irish Feenish island, a place of great beauty that offers lush landscapes, coast scenery and long-standing traditions that charm locals and tourists alike. Infused with Celtic cultural authenticity, our scarf is the perfect gift for yourself or the special lady in your life!