Emerald/White Ireland Stripe Short Sleeve Rugby Shirt

■ Quality Fabric - This fresh polo shirt does not disappoint with its excellent quality. It is made of fabric that wonderfully soft, durable, and wicks away moisture from the skin to keep you feeling comfortably breathable all day, indoors or outdoors!
■ Stripe Design - Lighting up this polo shirt with dynamic color and design is a horizontal green and white stripe design that adds vivid depth, dimension, and Irish spirit, as the rich green color is an homage to the Emerald Isle. 
■ Shamrock Shield - Bringing more warm, Irish vibes to this polo shirt is a shield-shaped crest in navy blue over the left heart that features three green shamrocks. The shamrock is the national flower of Ireland and a symbol of good fortune. 
■ Lansdowne Logo - Across from the shamrock shield is a Lansdowne logo displayed over the right heart. Stitched in lovely navy blue, this logo contrasts nicely against a white stripe background and lends some sporty authenticity.
■ Collar and Hidden Placket - Complementing the athletic style of this shirt with an elegant touch is a clean white collar with sharp lines and angles, along with a hidden button placket that sleekly blends into the shirt for a modern touch. 

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Wear your love for the Emerald Isle with eye-catching style in this Green and White Striped Shamrock Crest Polo Shirt! This shirt will have you looking and feeling great, as it is made of superior-grade fabric that is durable, breathable, and soft enough to wear all day.

Setting the sophisticated tone of this piece is a crisp white collar and hidden button placket that smoothly blends into the body of the shirt. Creating colorful contrast that will not go unnoticed is a horizontal green and white stripe pattern that pays tribute to Ireland.

Over the right heart is a navy blue crest featuring three green shamrocks, with the shamrock being the national Irish flower. Over the left heart in navy blue is the Lansdowne logo, making the shirt extra sporty.

Great for business casual or casual wear, this polo shirt makes a versatile addition to any man’s closet!