Chalice Well Celtic Earrings

■This pair of earrings is exquisitely made of sterling silver and is shiny and strong. Sterling silver does not tarnish or rust, making our earrings a lifelong guarantee if properly taken care of.

■The design is culturally inspired by the Chalice Well and is rich in detail. The Chalice Well is a sacred space, regarded as a center of spirituality and healing, and is commonly associated with the story of the Holy Grail.

■The earrings have a drop design that is flattering and comfortable to wear and measures 1.22’’ high. They come in an exquisite presentation box, making them a unique gift idea for any special occasion.

■To preserve this luxurious pair of sterling silver earrings at its finest, we highly recommend storing them in a dry, enclosed space, away from moisture and sunlight. For the best results, take out the earrings when showering or swimming. 

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Add a sense of cultural identity to any look with our Chalice Well Earrings with box. These earrings are masterfully crafted of fine sterling silver, a luxurious metal that preserves its shine and durability for many years to come - it can last a lifetime if taken care of properly. To achieve the best results, please keep this pair of earrings away from humidity and sun.

The Chalice Well is an awe-inspiring site and is regarded as a center of healing, spirituality, and peace for people of all faiths. According to Christian mythology, Joseph placed the chalice at the Chalice Well to catch the drops of Christ's blood during his Crucifixion, connecting the Chalice Well to the numerous theories regarding the existence of the Holy Grail. In Welsh and Irish mythology, the Chalice Well is thought to be a gateway to the spirit world. This pair of earrings will make a thoughtful gift idea for anyone who wants to add drops of spirituality and culture to their daily life.