Celtic Knot Twisted Pearl Earrings

■These exquisite Celitc earrings are meticulously crafted from 100% Sterling Silver, a precious metal known for its lustrous beauty and durability. To ensure that these earrings maintain their radiant shine and are less prone to tarnish, they are coated with Rhodium Plating. 
■At the heart of these earrings, a lustrous Mother of Pearl takes center stage. Pearls have long been associated with purity and elegance, making them a timeless choice for jewelry. The design of these earrings captures the essence of understated beauty and grace, featuring various cubic zirconia stones, making them a perfect accessory for both special occasions and everyday wear. 
■These earrings are adorned with intricately designed Trinity Knots, a Celtic symbol that holds deep significance. The Trinity Knot represents the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity, as well as the eternal and interconnected nature of life, love, and spirituality. 
■As dangle earrings, they gracefully hang from your ears, measuring approximately 0.98 inches, gracefully elevating any outfit while adding a sense of sophistication, elegance and a touch of Celtic heritage 

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Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty and rich symbolism of these Celtic Knot Twisted Pearl Earrings. At the core of these stunning earrings lies a captivating Mother of Pearl, a symbol of purity and grace. Pearls have been cherished for centuries, and their lustrous presence alongside the cubic zirconia adds an air of sophistication to any ensemble. The earrings are crafted from100% Sterling Silver serving as the perfect backdrop, known for its longevity and radiant shine. The Rhodium Plating ensures that these earrings stay gleaming and resist tarnish, maintaining their allure over time.
What truly sets these earrings apart is the incorporation of Trinity Knots, a symbol of eternal interconnectedness and the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity. These intricate knots lend a touch of Celtic heritage to the design, making a statement that goes beyond aesthetics. As dangle earrings, they gracefully hang, measuring approximately 0.98 inches, adding a touch of artistry to your appearance.