Boyne Valley The Aisling Ladies Sweater

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■ Available in Two Colors Sailing Blue and Seafoam Green
■ Boyne Valley Knitwear Ireland
■ 100% Merino Wool

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This beautiful design is a classic yet modern take on Irish knitwear. Featuring a unique mix of Aran stitches, intermingle perfectly to create this final look, infusing the design with classic Irish elements.

The stand-up collar lends the sweater a modern touch while still keeping it classically made. Crafted from high quality Merino wool, this sweater is very soft and luxurious, making sure that it will swiftly become one of your favorite sweaters in your wardrobe.

The long silhouette makes it a versatile design that will look effortless and fashionable whether paired with jeans, leggings or a dress. No matter the combination, this sweater is a beautiful and classic design that you will wear over and over again.